August 20, 2007

Chakde India

There was a day, when I was one among many other citizens of India, commenting bitterly on the performance of our team at the world cup. Felt they do not have commitment nor interest. Oh one cannot find words of our feelings at that time and just only thinking that the 11 have made a mess.

Today watching the movie, Chakde India, I truly felt I was wrong in my thoughts. No one goes into a game to lose. The only difference is some get right directions to go ahead and some unfortunately are deprived of it. Everyone has ego. All of the 11 players are champions in their own states. Thus fail to either coordinate or give attention to others. May be the army's rule of Break and Build should be adopted for a team to succeed.

Every point in the movie only showed that TEAM WORK is the only key to succeed. I have really learnt my lesson out of this wonderful movie.

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