September 11, 2007

Six years passed - the stains of blood remain

Six long years have passed by and the sight of the twin towers raining to sand and dust is still clear. A day when the entire world was taken back by shock. God knows who are all the people involved in and out other than our times magazine cover photo guy with the long beard, Mr.Laden, one quick question ... what did you achieve?

It has been a tradition world wide to punish brutally the innocent for mistakes of few. What is everyone achieving by spilling out the blood of their brethren? Where are we going ahead in this world?

Columbus came in to find new places to have better world and we started a word called Global village only to live together in peace and prosperity but not to test our new shiny explosive inventions against one another.

We are trying to reach mars, why? So that we can introduce some kind of terrorism there?

A common man be an American, a Palestinian, a Pakistani, an Israealian or an Indian never want a war. People who are hungry dont need bullets, rather need something to eat and some love to share.

There is nothing one can achieve by waging wars, Ashoka taught us this lesson and we still seem not to be interested to learn.

Its time we make this world a wonderful place to live but not a park of landmines. Lets spread love.

My condolences to all those families who lost their loved ones and salute to all those firefighters and armed personnel who lost their lives helping in those situations.