January 18, 2008

Acquisitions Galore

The entire world believed that 2007 was the year for all major acquisitions and truly it was. However, it seems like 2008 has more in store. The year started with the two major acquisition announcements.

SUN Microsystems announcing its intent to acquire MySql

Sun has recently announced its intent to acquire MySql. Day after day SUN is becoming a complete shop, high performing servers to wonderful softwares. One thing to wait and watch would be how would they bundle MySql? Currently SUN already provides PostGRE Sql with its OS.

The best online information regarding the same would be Jonathan's Blog

Oracle's acquistion of BEA

Oracle has announced that it is acquiring BEA systems. Its paying $21/share value which is 25% more than the current value, i.e. 16th January Closing price. This is another great move by Oracle.

We have to wait and see what else does 2008 has in store.

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