February 1, 2008

Faking one's experience has become the practice of the Industry???

Pondering yesterday about what has everyone got for what they are, I was astonished by the fact that all the class toppers in my class are just doing good, however the average guys are doing much better. My engineering class toppers are just working for ordinary packages in good companies and the others are working for exemplary packages.

Faking one's experience has become a part and parcel of many IT professionals' lives. I can tell you a wonderful story.

Few of my intelligent and hardworking friends resorted to their masters after completing engineering. Remaining people who couldn't clear their exams or didnt get jobs were just roaming on roads with their parents money for almost two years. By the time these intelligents completed their Masters, these people who enjoyed their two years flaunted their resumes in the industry with an experience of two years and got better jobs. These foolish intelligent guys were obviously freshers and deserved less than them.

Moral: So you may have fun for two years after engineering; goto Goa, roam around with your girl friend and then finally struggle for six months to be in a better position.

Companies like Wipro, Infosys, Satyam, I mean name any big brand, there are atleast 30% of people joining them via lateral hiring with fake experiences. These people fake their experience their payslips and get a good pay and better grade than the ones who are genuine. These big companies which boast about background verifications do very little to stop it. If anyone has to say anything against my word, I can prove my statements.

Ethics have no place in the Indian IT industry today.

One another technology which has fallen prey to these fake guys is SAP. Every Tom D**k and Harry goes to some place in Hyderabad to get software installed for Rs.2000 i.e. a mere $50 on their machines and get courses learnt for a mere Rs. 10000 i.e ($250) and thats it once done, these people call themselves a 3 yr experienced and get paid almost 100 times their SAP tution fee.

Is this the only way to go ahead? If so, one can enjoy his school, college and everything, finally buy couple of certificates and one PC with printers to print his fake resume and submit it. Thats it he would have a better situation than the guy who slogged all his life?

I dont remember the ending of the story by SomerSet Maugham but today atleast the grasshopper wins. Will there be some change in this pattern?

Final word, I think even the NASSCOM is sleeping.

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