June 20, 2008

Why IDM initiatives fail?

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What is said here is true. The people who are building solutions only think of technical issues always, rather than the features which are roots of the organization, viz. Processes and Policies. From an architecting perspective it is very crucial to understand the processes of the organization and then chalk out a plan for work rather than checking out what can be done by the product.

I feel, technologically everything is possible, with the only two constraints - TIME and MONEY. If a space shuttle can be sent to MARS, then an Identity implementation is possible, with or without the chosen product's features. However the feasibility of a solution with respect to time and money has to be planned when one architects.

Just my thought ...

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  1. Right on ... DR Saheb.

    I would like to take this opportunity to quote our great InfoSec Leader & Ex Boss (Coincidence ;-) ) Mr. Kishore Kamdalai:


    My Question: Why do most Identity Management (IdM) projects fail?

    Your Answer:
    The reasons for failure of IdM project are

    -> The Product Companies (Sun,IBM,Microsoft, Oracle) have acquired these products and have been busy selling them. They have never completely looked into the Product features and does they meet the customer requirements.

    -> Customers are not clear on there technical Specifications, As they app owners would never want the ULCM (User Life Cycle Managment) process to be moved out of the ther System Administration Process.

    -> Project Management and Management support should be associated only to timelines but also to the complete change in Business Process management process.

    -> Managment looks at it as COMPLIANCE requirement.. IT Folks look at it as a PRESSURE from management.

    ->None of the products real make the complete required solution. As the product vendor don't understand the product themselves. And the people who architected the product are not with the product company.
    (Becuause of the acquisitions
    Sun IdM - Originated as Light House,
    Oracle IdM - Originated as Obliux
    Tivoli IdM is little better as its also mixture of products but the base atleast is from IBM).

    People into Implementation Services also want to limit themselves to
    -> Developing XML Code
    -> Developing Java Code

    They really don't want understand the products and provide solutions.




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