March 20, 2009

Is the SUN setting?

I still can believe if its true that IBM would acquire SUN Microsystems one of the world's best companies. I am a technology guy, do not understand much of these business gimmics, however is it for this that someone struggles so hard to make a brand help the world by their open source products etc and then shrink the company and sell if off???
Its harldy a few years back SUN was more than $30B company and now its hardly $3B, why? Is it someone's strategy to bring SUN down and buy them? What is the problem? Or is it that SUN's strategy of business has flaws?
I wonder if tomorrow IBM or whoever would ...
1. Sell the SUN Identity Suite/JES?
2. What will happen to SUN PS?
3. What will happen to the Open Source initiatives?
At least as a person who loves the products and as someone who respects SUN, I would not appreciate this. The management should have taken enough steps to keep the brand up and glowing, rather selling the shop.