September 10, 2010

Sailpoint IdentityIQ: Revoke a Policy Violation from Certification

If you had Policy Violations recorded in IdentityIQ and have included them in a Certification then normally it would be displayed as below.

You have only two options. Approve or Delegate. A general option of REVOKE is not provided for a policy violation.

However, there is a option to revoke the same if the certifier wishes to. Of course this is not told and not given. But its a simple change :-)

Open the Policy object and you would see something like below in the first line after XML declaration.

Notice the certificationActions tag?
Modify the same to look as below shown. 

Once you add the Remediated word to the tag, your certification automatically shows up the revoke button. Here's a screen shot of how it looks.

Hope this helps.