April 4, 2007

Indians (almost) never Change

Note: I accept, myself, I am certainly not completely perfect.

I have been pondering since years if most of my country men, could every be more courteous in the way they behave with one another, understand their limits, talk properly, interact, be open minded? However, its been long I have been craving for such an environment, where its utopia. Finally I joined SUN Microsystems. I was wondering about the environment I am going to get and expected a lot.

However, Indians are Indians. I still find the following even here.

1. They pull out chairs at your table, even without asking you
2. They stand next to your cubicle and start shouting over their phones without even bothering about others
3. People group at cubicles and start jokes, babble and very ugly is they start speaking aloud in thier regional languages.
4. Latest incident: My colleague, kept a cup of tea, in the microwave for heating. A lady came, pulled her cup out and heated her cup of tea and then kept the cup back and left. I cant even describe what an action this is.

Can we ever ever change???????