May 23, 2007

How to Reserve things, even before you are born?

For Indians reading this, I am sure, after reading the title they understand the topic being pondered upon here. For others, I am trying to represent my ideas about the Caste/Religion/Sex based Reservation system in India.

Longtime back, something happened in India, that there had to be this system brought in so that the poor and downtrodden people can be economically and socially be uplifted. The thoughts and ideas for this procedure to be implemented were noble at the time of Indian Independence.

Current Scenario: {Kindly let me know if you see any positives}

1. The children of a person who is working as a Judge in a district bench, get seats in engineering colleges under the reserved category. His wife, works for a large bank and gets promoted as an officer under the reserved category.

2. A son of an employee, who works as a senior employee in a Port Trust gets admitted into Engineering college under the reserved category. Never even thinks of completing the engineering.

3. A son of a farmer, gets admitted to an engineering college, under the reserved category and also claims to be under the poverty line category. Thus the government pays the fees for him. However, the guy wears a gold chain, a golden bracelet and wears only branded jeans and excellent watches. Never cares to come to the college. I don't know if he has cleared his exams before the stipulated eight years.

4. A servant maid at my village, still is working in the same fashion and her kid is playing on the road.

5. People in few places like remote parts of Rajasthan etc, still have caste feelings. The previously downtrodden are downtrodden even today.

The system of caste-based reservation has never given anyone any privilege. It has only benefited few corrupt politicians. They are working on the same principles of the East India Company sarkar - "Divide and Rule". I see, personally these days, I mean to say, my generation of young people do not have anything called - ill-feelings for any caste or creed or sex. These days everyone are united in our common interests. However, these politicians are making a mess about it.

Once in Times of India, there was a quote - For every Individual himself/herself is the biggest minority.

Considering that statement, I really wonder, why people need to claim as minority. Even if a Prime minister of a country is alone, all by himself, then he is downtrodden and will be attacked socially for nothing. So everyone of us need to realize that individually we are all in the minority sector and providing reservations for anyone doesn't solve any problem

There are many people who are below the poverty line, and many just above it. I think those are the ones who need some reservation to eat, to study, to live etc irrespective of their caste/religion/creed/sex.

Also this system, shouldn't continue from a person's birth to his/her death. There should be a day when he/she should be asked to live on his/her ability.

"In Business - there is no free lunch"

Its better we all think about these things once in a while. All the visitors are requested to post their comments here. Lets dream and work towards having a India - where only skill matters, nothing else.

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  1. Lets look at the IT Industry without reservations. This is what a change of this kind can bring to INDIA. Reservations was a temp solution that was evolved a few years ago but I don't this happening with so many people in the IT industry from all castes growing huge in numbers.

    But I feel one opportunity was given to all downtrodden or people from low caste to take this opportunities. But i feel still there might be people who are in real need to get a push.

    I agree that we don't need them anymore but I disagree that it did not help much.

    Reason: I have so many friends who came had reservation and not seeking any reservations any more and they really believe that they got the necessary push when needed.

    All other points in your article are good.


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