May 20, 2007

My thoughts about the low cost flier - Air Deccan

Note: I am not a frequent flier, however!

Talking a little bit about, what I hear these days, most of the times, in the airports.

"Ahh ... next time I am not flying AirDeccan!!!!!"
"Next time you book airdeccan ... you are fried ..."

I really wonder, why people says such things. To be precise, in the world of Telecoms, its Reliance and in the Indian airline industry, its Airdeccan who have brought drastic changes. Longtime ago, Airlines, used to be a reach only to corporates and guys with big bucks. Today, every common man, is able to fly.

Evaluations: I have flew with AirDeccan, Indian Airlines, KingFisher in the domestic and AirFrance in the international.

1. Kingfisher First: Excellent in Hospitality, Timings, Fine food, and gorgeous Air Hostesses. Well, Timing is the main thing which i think every business man cares according to personal priorities. Truly, no one boards the flight to stare at the AirHostesses. Food??? I dont think it matters in domestic airways as almost all the flight durations are just 2-3 hours at the maximum. Now whatz left, ah, the TVs and the shows. Fair, I have seen, either in an early morning flight or in the evening flights, people only tend to sleep, after a stressful day or a start of thestressful day. All this for atleast a minimum amount of Rs.6500 (approx)

2. Indian Airlines: One word to say, First the flight attendants' white shirts need a decent wash. Thats it.

3. AirDeccan: Lets talk about the negatives first. I found only onething irritating in AirDeccan - the Delay time. Rest is great. Precisely, the leg room is relatively better. The flight durations too are fine. Efficiency of pilots too is fine. Well, coming to what I drink and eat over the flight duration. Well, one gets decent food served, on purchase ofcourse, packed and prepared by Cafe Coffee Day. Personally, I had the Veg Combo many times, which contains, a cheese Sandwich, a cake, two Chatpatas and all this for Rs.70.

So, I think I am p.fine, if I get a flight trip for Rs.2000 and a meal for Rs.70 and a one hour delay in the schedule. Infact most of the common people are ok with it. Even then people talk whatever possible, about AirDeccan.

Ex: I was travelling to hometown in Train; A co-traveller said, "I dont even know if Air Deccan flight will ever fly!", Guy doesnt have money/situation/or whatever may be the reason, to travel in II AC in train atleast, thus shouldnt be commenting about the pocket friendly :-) Air Travel provider of the country.

The only reason I am writing it here is, we all shouldnt comment on someone who has brought drastic changes in a particular domain of the market, rather we better try to understand how is it possible.

Kindly post your comments.