June 15, 2007

Easy Implemenation tool for Sun Identity Manager - ViDT

Six months prior I think people were hearing something called VIP - Velocity Identity Package. This package, as announced, was supposed to be providing HR synchronization etc and many other things. After joining SUN I was lucky enough to get a feel of this product, currently called as ViDT.

Briefly ... The software provides you the following

1. The ability to run multiple instances of SUN IdM (SIM) of different versions at the same time

2. The ability to create and maintain multiple projects with multiple instances of IdM

3. Compatible with all releases of SIM

4. Creates the forms for you, if you feed in data

5. Creates the workflows for you if you feed in the required data

6. Creates all basic administrators etc required for any implementation

7. Creates all the required policies

8. Creates the Design documents

9. Creates the other Project documents

10. Finally bundles you all the code for deployment at the customer end

Boy, one has to get a touch with it to understand how easier the life becomes for a SIM implementor. That too, after the release of 7.1 with many other features ViDT seems to make life much better.

This is a invention of the Neogent Inc, which was acquired by SUN last year.

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  1. Is VIDT available in Market or from Sun? Could you provide some more detail about VIDT?


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