June 17, 2007

Identity Management made my life

Wonder how a domain in the security compliance space, made one’s life? Read on …

Early June 2005, when I was working for GE Capital International services as a Security Specialist, I was given an offer, to move to Identity Management domain, which has just sprung up as a new practice in that company. I was wondering what that move can cause to my career. Always thought, a firewall would stay all the time as the technology exists but what is this IDM? However took a daring step to move into the domain. The next week I went to a training on the Sun Identity manager basics, IDM 2525, provided my Mr. Rajesh, a renowned trainer in the SUN Space. The first good relationship started with friendship with him. Later, other few members from Satyam technologies, who also attended the same training. Another friendship with the AVP, (GE) from Thailand, who clicked a photograph of mine with another girl (whom I don’t even know), assuming her to be my girl friend, funny!

Then started my troubles. The next three months we didn’t have any much work to do. Just going to gym and whiling out our time was the best work we had. People, who chose to stay back in the Infosec space, started getting good work and laurels too. Those made me feel that I was at a wrong place. Later at the end of September we finally kicked off with a small project. When I mean small, it was really small. Today as a consultant in the IDM space, I would say, the project could have been completed in two phases of maximum a month in total. One should believe that the project took five months almost, missing on all the dead lines.

Next came, my other good friend, Johny Cope as a trainer from Neogent Corp, USA, to train us on the advanced Sun IdM. I am proud to say, that I was the only person along with the, said to be my girl friend girl, to complete the entire training in my training. I owe to the girl, because without her encouragement and push, I wouldn’t have attended that training. Once after the training, I realized what I can do in this IDM space.

The next project I did, I alone completed it in around 45 days. The next one, rather small, I have completed in a week.

Still wondering, how IDM made my life? Yes coming to that. This lady, with whom my snap was clicked, became my good friend and my best team mate. Any work, we both used to complete in no time, just because of her analytical nature and her encouragement for me. She also helped me attend the advanced training. However suddenly she had to leave the company, and joined Deloitte. I started feeling the gape in my team, because without her I was alone.

Then I felt, how it would be if my best team mate, who understands me very well in almost every situation, becomes my partner for life! Pondered over it, and then felt we both should be together. Got married to the intelligent, analytical, friendly, cute, naughty girl, Harini. See now you understand how IdM made my life.

When it comes to IdM at least she is the best for me to suggest. And when it comes to life, she is my best. Thus I successfully made an IdM family. We both are currently working for SUN Microsystems as Consultants in the Identity & Access Management space.

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  1. That definitely beats any story that I can come up with! :) Congrats on finding your wife via IdM. :)


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