December 13, 2007

Few Questions to ask when you are designing an Identity Management Project

Hope this helps for some. This is basic, I shall keep adding. Visit this blog for more.
  • What resources do you have?
  • What are your resource schema?
  • How do you want your mapping from Identity manager to be done?
  • What are the accountIds I get to access your resource?
  • Does that accountid have the right privileges to access all the items the identity manager needs access to?
  • If you are doing Active sync from LDAP do you have the changeLog enabled?
  • Is the ID provided, access the changelog?
  • How many object classes do you have in your LDAP?
  • Should all of them be managed?
  • How many object classes you have in AD?
  • Do you know that only one object class can be managed from one resource instance in AD?
  • What are the additional attributes you want to populate in Identity Manager?
  • How do you create users on every resource?
  • If you are following any non-generic process to populate users on your Authoritative source/sources then please let us know HOW?
  • What is the password policy on each resource?
  • What is the password policy you expect the Identity Manager to have?