December 9, 2007

MetaView of SIM vs MIIS

Metaview feature of Sun Identity Manager, I don't know how many of the Identity professionals use it. However I wanted to take you through the architecture of it. It would be great for people who know MIIS.

The features are ...

Identity Attributes:
This feature allows you to configure the incoming and outgoing attributes. You will be able to create a new attribute, choose whether it should be stored in the identity manager, choose its source and destinations (resource). This is a feature that is exactly available in MIIS. You can also set the precedence for the source, like you may choose the first source and then the next which would be able to populate this attribute, again a feature of MIIS.

Identity Events:
Have you been into the third tab of Microsoft Identity Integration Server, where you can configure the delete rule? Yes, its the same way here. You will be able to configure the events like DELETE, DISABLE, ENABLE etc. You need to create a new event type, specify a rule on how it should be recognized and then actions to be performed.

These features are very specific to active sync because that is what a Synchronization engine works for.

Recently I have been working with these features and every moment I was feeling the MIIS features.