October 10, 2007

CEC - Identity Management

Monday evening I attended the session on Identity managment. Johnny cope was there taking the session. It was supposed to be a deep dive session, however everyone started asking/discussing solutions to their client problems. However their team is currently, I was informed, are making a team which only takes care of preparing images and deploying on public access servers. Thus the presales guy who visits the client can directly login with his id and give them a demo. Also licenses to try the product online for a week or couple are being to be sold so that the clients can check the product for a while before taking the decision.

SUN Identity Manager rocks.

NetBEANS Plugin:

Many of us know the BPE will be scrapped off, phase wise and finally everyone is expected to use NetBeans to create all custom objects in Sun Identity Manager. Every version of NetBeans vs IdM war file there is a .nbm file that needs to be imported into the Netbeans. I got my hands dirty using the NetBeans 5.5 and SUN Identity Manager war file for 7.1.1. Its awesome to use Netbeans instead of BPE, except the heavy memory requirement NetBeans has.

Tuesday I would be attending wonderful sessions like RBAC, VIDT, Security Considerations for IDM etc. Will post it soon.