October 10, 2007

CEC - The Professional Services Party

Wow ...

All these days it used to be like only me and harini working for SUN IdM PS-India and few interactions with people in the same in US. Only know by name.

Today Arun Shresta, my practice head threw a party to all the PS folks. I met, Rene Ugarte, Mark, Steve Hulme, Chris Timmerman - the geek, Tiffany Ryan, Greg Buchanan, Sharif, Manish Chopra and many other.

It was kind of home after meeting all these senior guys and having the tech talks with them.

The party went well, however being a vegetarian I dont think I had any much options. In a wonderful situation like this food was the only concern. Unimaginably bad. Well thats how the life of a Veggie would be in USA rather anywhere outside India.