October 8, 2007

First updates of CEC??? Nope Vegas First

Vegas ........ ah what a place?

The first thing one needs to know is .... "whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" is the quote here. Its a different world altogether a fantasy world. You never know when its night and when its a day. At night the city just looks like gold spread all over. If there is money flowing anywhere then it is here. People just spend money like anything. The description of Vegas can be given better by a poet or a story writer, for a person like me, its simply speechless.

SUN has organized the conference in Hotels Paris and Bally's. I stay in the later. This is just in front of the Ballagio where the eleven stand and watch the fountains after walking away with the 16 million dollars. I was just watching the same today.

Everyone I met, during my journey to Vegas asked me only one thing, "Conference at Vegas???". And I didn't know what to say. Whatever may be it, the place is a wonderful one to visit in one's lifetime.

Will keep posting.