October 10, 2007

CEC - SIM v7.x?

Are you hanging with any version other than 7_1_1???? If you are then get ready to be completely outdated soon. Yes you got it right ... it Sun Identity Manager 8.0 set to release very soon.

I have written the new features of 7.1 after it got released. This time I have the privilege of writing about 8.0 even before its release. The top best feature of this version would be Role Management.


Flexible Role Modelling
Bi - Level RBAC
Business Roles
IT Roles
Also provision for Multilevel RBAC
Offers Role Subtypes, defaults being Business, IT, Application and Asset
New Sub-Types can be created
Extended attributes on Role Subtypes

Now you will also be able to search on Role Subtypes, for example "all application roles" etc.

New Role Features ...

  • Required: Get activated directly
  • Conditional: Rule based, i.e. if the user object is getting an update and it requires few other privileges then it is allocated
  • Manual: Implicit
Role start date and End date: What other granularity can one ask for?

Role Change Approval Process: If the actual Role definition itself is set to change then it should go through an approval process.

These are very few of the amazing features of 8.0. Keep waiting for it to release.

SUN Identity Manager rocks.